BOOO We Don’t Care Messy: Jess Hilarious Back Tracks On Anti Islamic Profiling Remarks!

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Jess Hilarious

Jess Hilarious aka Jess Moore (who has never been funny in my opinion) of course back tracked and apologized about her offensive comments made during a flight she was on that had been evacuated with no reason according to Jess. She targeted Sikh men wearing turbans, and said she didn’t feel “safe”! Jess is from Baltimore and frequents cities with large African American Islamic populations, so you know her management probably had a heart attack!

Jess Not So Hilarious was NOT apologetic when the event first occurred which is why many where heated with her. She could be seen in blog comments saying “(muslims) they made it that way “, and body said she wasn’t sorry at first!

The Insta famous comedian came back to social media the very next day, and made sure to bring the sniffles.

Jess With The Mess let it be known she isn’t racist, and is extremely sorry ( we know u sorry but do you apologize) ! A lot of people on the internet are saying she is canceled , and the only reason why she is apologizing is because she was called out!

Which I agree with because if people capped her head up like they have been doing, she wouldn’t have apologized!

Kountry Wayne her boyfriend, (whom she was dating while he was married ) of course spoke up for his “baby girl”, and said just because she made one racist/profiling statement doesn’t make her a racist! Kountry Wayne even went as far to say “if you have one drink does it make you a alcoholic?”. See Below

He isn’t too bright! The problem with that is if a White man calls a Black man a “nigger” do we say the same thing in defense of him! HELL NO! He is deemed racist because he has probably been saying and thinking this way for years, but was never exposed!

So let’s stop capping up mediocre comedy, and making excuses for those who clearly don’t need them! Her full apology is below! Do you forgive her?

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