Kodak Black Continues To Sexually Harass Young MA!

Kodak Black and Young MA

Kodak Black continues to harass lesbian rapper Young MA over social media. The Florida ZEZE rapper Kodak Black just can’t figure out why Young MA doesn’t want her “vagina to be penetrated” by him? If you don’t know Young MA has no interest in men, and dresses like one herself.

Kodak only follows Young MA on Instagram and in response she says Kodak is weird, and I don’t think many disagree with her. Kodak Black already is a felon due to a first degree criminal sexual charge, and has an upcoming PENDING rape case! For him not to be able to control his obsession with Young MA strap on shows a lot about his character! Take a look at the foolishness below!

Young MA responded by saying ” Get off my D!ck

Rapped Out


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