Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend Kenneth Perry’s Ex Girlfriend Noelle Attacked In Her Own Home!

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Kenneth Perry , Nicki Minaj, Noelle

Nicki Minaj boy toy Kenneth Perry has a ex girlfriend ( whom he left for Nicki Minaj) named Noelle that had a gun drawn on her and was brutally attacked while in her own home! Thank go her daughter wasn’t home when this occurred, but Noelle took to Instagram to fill everyone in!

It’s not clear who attacked her or how they were able to gain access to her home, but she did indicate that the person attacked her and in the midst dropped his gun. The pictures she uploaded show a bloody scene in her kitchen, and her face is badly bruised and bloody as well!

Back in December, Noelle exposed her then live in man Kenneth Petty for allegedly leaving to their apartment to “meet” Nicki at a charity Thanksgiving giveaway, and never came back home. The bartender reported she attempted to reach out to Nicki Minaj to talk about the overlapping of both relationships , but Nicki paid her dust!

We hope she is doing better! Rapped Out


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