Brazilian Model Liziane Gutierrez Suffers Botched Plastic Surgery….Again!

Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez’

According to TMZ Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez’s face looks like it’s going to explode all due to botched cosmetic botox! This isn’t the model’s first brush with a procedure gone wrong! Last May Liziane almost died after flying to Turkey for liposuction that went terribly wrong. She was in a coma for 5 days, and barely made it out alive!

Liziane Gutierrez’

Gutierrez recent procedure left her according to her doctor with a bacterial skin infection! The infection is so bad that it is resistant to antibiotics, so she has to go under procedures to have her enhancements removed!

The model got Botox filler in her face and lips, but the pain was so bad she felt like her face was going to explode. If the pain doesn’t subside she will have to undergo major surgery to remove it all!

The price of trying to look Black without looking Black!

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