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Joe Budden & Scottie Beam Talk YesJulz Drama On State Of The Culture Show!+ Murda Mook Played Super Captain Save A White Girl !

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Hip Hop media contributor YesJulz found herself in hot water after airing out Joe Budde, Karen Civil, and Scottie Beam on the Easily Offended podcast! The rapper YesJulz has been in trouble with Black culture for some tasteless things prior, and this time it was no different!

YesJulz called out Karen Civil and Scottie Beam for wanting to be in her “position”, and questioning as to why she is even allowed in Hip Hop culture because she is White! She talked about how unfair it was o be discriminated in African American culture just because she is White! Hmmmmm…… Cant even have our own culture without some White people getting mad because we choose to have our OWN culture, but ok!

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YesJulz has many tweets going at Black women, and a racist freestyle video that is cringe to watch! YesJulz explained that she was young blah blah blah, bu it was Murda Mook that put the icing on the cake! Murda Mook who always has tweets doing Black women and praising White women said YesJulz is Black because she is Puerto Rican and Italian! He also said that Black women are annoying when YesJulz tried to save herself and give Black women props.

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Yesjulz trolls Black people to make a name for herself , but yet some Black men still save her! Murda Mook ( the darkest man on the panel and married to a Black woman) who couldn’t stay still in his seat with his tight as pants went out of his way to protect YesJulz even tho she gave NO apology!

Anyyyyway YesJulz talked about how Joe Budden called her in 2016 trying to return some worn sweat pants, and how he left he to dry when she got was getting dragged on Twitter for her ” Niggas Lie Shirt“. She said she posted the shirt as subliminal shade for Joe Budden , but didn’t think anything of it because she didn’t actually say the word! But you aren’t you still calling him a …..never mind!

YesJulz also came at Karen Civil for no apparent reason, and said Scottie Beam wanted to jump her! Joe and his co host on State of The Culture dressed Julz for what they said was the last time!

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