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Nipsey Hussles Alleged Killer Captured! Plus Locals Say Police Started Shooting At Nipsey’s Memorial.

Nipsey Hussle’s alleged murderer Eric Holden was captured outside of a mental health facility near Lakewood, CA. The woman recording can be heard asking a deputy “is that him”, and they respond “I think so”.

Earlier Tuesday, LAPD Chief of Police Michel Moore told Holder he should surrender, and also warned people not to harbor or try and help him flee the city.

As we reported, 29-year-old Holder had personal beef with Nipsey before allegedly shooting the star, and may have gotten into an argument moments before his death.

A friend of Rapped Out that went to high school with Nipsey, and attended his memorial last night outside of The Marathon Clothing store (where Nipsey Hussle was murdered) says that the protest was peaceful. She also elaborated that the gangs have even unified in honor of their “brother” Nipsey Hussle.

According to our source it wasn’t untill when The Nation Of Islam came that the police became upset with their presence ,and began to start firing shots. 9 people were hurt by the stampede and 2 hit by cars in critical condition.

News outlets are saying their were no shots, but instead fire crackers. They say it was a false alarms as to the crowd was already on edge. Some fabs still believe Nipsey was killed due to his Dr.Sebi documentary despite Eric Holden alleged argument with the rapper moments prior.

I’m not sure what to believe anymore and wish it was all a bad dream.

Rapped Out


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