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Nipsey Hussle Was At His Store To Help His Friend Who Just Got Out Of Prison+ The Get Away Driver Sent Free

Nipsey Hussle‘s murder just got even mire depressing. Nipsey was reportedly at his The Marathon Clothing store to give his ex convict friend clothes to wear when for his first time seeing his family after serving a 20 year bid!

Nipsey reportedly left out in the spur of the moment, and no one on his security team or family knew he was at the store. Eric Holder, 29 had spotted Nipsey Hussle and walked up on him asking for a job sources say.

Nipsey reminded Holder that Holder was a rat aka snitch, and wasn’t allowed around his buisness establishments. The rat Holder came back and shot Nipsey multiple times. On top of that he kicked Nipsey in the head before leaving the scene to a waiting car in the alley way.

The driver if the car Eric jumped into was a woman and she spoke with LAPD and they allowed her to go free. According to her she had no ckue what Holder had done, and he made no mention of the crime once in the car. Oh ok.

She also spoke with TMZ and saidshe drove the getaway car, but did not know what Holder had done. Whatever.

Holder’s been transferred to LAPD custody now. He’s being held without bail for Nipsey’s murder.

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