6ix9ine Needs The Same People He Ratted On To Get Out Jail Early

6ix9ine may be getting out of jail earlier than expected with the very help of the people that he snitched on. Tekashi and his manager Shotti both have pled guilty to Federal racketeering charges.

There several other co defendants that 6ix9ine has snitched on, and if those dudes take a plea deal 6ix9ine could go free with time served. The co defendants are set for trial in September 2019.

With all the snitching 6ix9ine did there would be no need for trial. Dawn Floro , his lawyer says if they all take deals that 6ix9ine will ask for time served,so the time he already has served would basically be his whole bid. Then he’d be a free man ,and able to walk these streets.

The “Stoopid” rapper has been locked up since November 2018, and this plan is the only one he’s got since he’s facing a 47 year long sentence. Only one other defendent is trying to take this to trial.

If 6ix9ine plans work out for him we could be seeing the rainbow hair rapper soon.

Rapped Out

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