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You Better Go-Go Dat Way !White Folks Tried To Silence Black Go-Go Culture & Music In D.C. Gentrified Neighborhood!

Sounds of Metro PCS

Black Washington D.C. residents who were originals of the community had to remind White residents who live in a new luxury apartment in the Shaw District neighborhood. HBCU Howard University is minutes away, and the community is booming with Go-Go culture, but the new residents aren’t feeling it.

A Metro PCs store that has been owned by Donald Campbell for 25 years has been playing Go-Go music outside since it’s opening. T-Mobile which owns Metro PCs now, told Campbell to turn it down because neighbors from the luxury apartment complained.

Even though at first T-Mobile asked Campbell to turn it down the T-Mobile CEO said turn up, turn up! This came after protestors came out in support of keeping the culture alive despite gentrification . CEO John Legere tweeted in support of the store’s long-standing tradition.

So the music is back, and if you plan on living in the hood be prepared.

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