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Side Chick Who Killed Pastor & Shot His Wife For “Breaking Her Heart” Is A Certified Anger Management Specialist!

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Pimping ain’t easy especially when you’re married. Unfortunately Pastor Perry learned the hard way.According to Q13 Fox, Latoshia Daniels shot at married Paster Brodes Perry of Tennessee several times after posing up at his house unexpected. She also shot at Perry’s wife who trying to protect her husband from harms way. Cops showed up to the Meridian Place Apartments, and found the two victims both wounded. Meanwhile, Daniels was still armed , and refused to put down her gun.

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The pastor and his wife

Perry’s wife claims she had no idea about the affair , but her actions make things seem believable! You think? While at the hospital, police said Daniels also attacked an officer. Police said the officer was trying to take her into custody and that’s when she jerked away and shoved him before taking off running. Officers said they had to force her to the ground before they could get her handcuffed.

Daniels was charged with first-degree murder, attempt first-degree murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

She is being held without bond. Rapped Out


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