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Jaden Smith Drops New Music Video “SOHO”!

Jaden Smith,SOHO video

Jaden Smith takes us along on a walk thru SOHO , New York with his afro boo. On the heels of his flying high Tesla performance ( where he rapped while suspend in air standing on a Tesla at Coachella Festival in California) the “SOHO” video helps remind us the Jaden “that bull”as we say in Philly! The “ICON” rapper has a close relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and people are intrigued to say the least.

Jaden Smith Performing At Coachella 2019 On A Tesla Suspended In Air

What we can appreciate from Jaden is his authenticity, and how he doesn’t try to pretend to be hood as well as keeps cursing to a limit. He does seem to love to take us into the Los Angeles mountains in all of his videos, and they are seemingly repetitive at times. But I can admire how he took a carpet to the picnic and not a blanket while in his sunset scene. Jaden is also apart of the mission to bring clean drinking water to Flint, Michigan.

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