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Cardi B Sues Blogger Tasha K For Posting Old Cardi Song About Her Stripper Past &Rumors Made By Cardi’s Old Stripper “Friend”+ Cardi Goes On Instagram Rant About Black Bloggers!

Cardi B Vs Tasha K

It was all good when Black bloggers were posting Cardi B rants against other people like Jussie Smollett, and Donald Trump. Now Cardi B says Black bloggers are the ones to blame why White media capitalizes off of Black culture.

Cardi B is in the process of suing Youtube blogger unWine with Tasha K. for defamation all over an interview she did with a woman who was Cardi B’s former roommate from back in the day named Starmarie Jones. Starmarie is a former dancer herself , and is also being sued for allegations made against Cardi B.

 Cardi B supposedly knew Star back in their strip club days ,and Jones alleges that Cardi engaged in prostitution, did various drugs, had herpes and more claims.Since then Tasha K, and Cardi B have been going back in forth with lawsuit threats.Cardi B finally served her with a lawsuit after Tasha K posted a old song clip of Cardi B. In the clip that has been taken down Cardi raps about a time when she in her words had to “su*ck dick to pay the rent”. In the song Cardi also tells her little sister Hennessy Carolina in the old song “ not to have sex with guys for money” because that’s what she had to do.

The Invasion of Privacy is taking this case on during the time of her criminal case against 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend Jade. Cardi rejected a plea deal made by the District Attorney of New York. Cardi B is accused of orchestrating a fight between two bartenders at a NYC strip club last year. The girls were rumored to be cheating with Cardi’s husband Offset, and Cardi happened to be at the club for a booking. That same night Bardi allegedly had her friends jump the two bar maids.

Tasha K who is currently pregnant was served at her home, and says she pulled up on the serving officer going thru her mailbox. There is audio of the exchange of words, and Cardi B according to Tasha K can expect a counter suit.

Cardi B took to one of her favorite laces to voice to opinion Instagram, and ranted about how Black bloggers are the reason white media capitalizes off Black culture. The “Kodak Yellow” singer also praised White people for not bashing their own( even though there plenty of White gossip sites”), and says TMZ only covers hip hop now. She also compared how we made it okay for R.Kelly documentary, but I could’ve sworn he allegedly messed with those young girls not us.

Cardi’ B’s husband also has a court case of his own he needs to tend to that Cardi may be turning her attention too. The Migos rapper got slapped with a felony charge that you can read about here!

Cardi B was a cast member of VH1 reality drama show Love and Hip Hop that she capitalizes off Black drama, and willing tells us about her husband’s penis, her vagina, how she performs oral sex, and even talks on celebrity drama herself. Remember when she took to IG to say Jussie Smollett ruined Black History month, and even though the Kardashians did some “f’ed up ish” Khloe Kardashian didn’t deserve all the Tristan Thomas drama etc! So when people laughed at her talking about other people’s drama it was cool. Let’s not forget Offset getting on stage apologizing for cheating! Or the time the “Clout” couple staged a marriage proposal in Philly when they were already married. That’s cool , but posting old things she said out of her mouth is a no go?

Tasha K having this old roommate with these crazy allegations come on her show was a risky move. But for Cardi B to blame Black bloggers for hustling in the entertainment business is wrong. Cardi wants us to respect strippers well she should respect the business that helps pay you. Black bloggers haven’t done anything new that White media hasn’t already been doing to us. White media has been using Black Culture since Black Face and Elvis Presley . Slow your roll Bodak.

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