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OG Bun B Shot A Masked Intruder At His Houston Home & Went On W/ His Day Moments After Like It Was Nothing!

Bun B and The Intruder

Houston’s UGK legend Bun B is with the sh*ts, and the masked intruder that attempted to rob his house should’ve known better! While waiting for a package Bun B’s wife Queenie was waiting for package, so when the door bell rang she thought nothing of it. Once Bun’s wife answered the door the intruder pulled out a gun, and demanded her valuables.

Queen who has married to Bun B for years now first instinct was to protect her husband whom she thought the intruder was targeting. In an effort to keep the intruder down stairs because Bun B was upstairs, and she thought Bun was unharmed Queen offered him her Audi. Before the masked intruder could make a dash for it Bun B came down the steps with the hammer, and started busting shots.

The intruder was armed himself, and ended up getting hit which caused him to leave his gun at the scene. After the incident the cops came to file a report, and Bun B conducted his business while they were still at his house. Statik Selektah, who recently collaborated with the Houston Hip Hop staple on the TrillStatik project, boosted about how calm Bun B was moments after.

“I was just blown away that during and right after he was so focused,” Statik tells HipHopDX. “We were back talking about album promo and videos like 10 minutes later like nothing happened. The cops were there and he was calm, talking about album stuff. Dude is one in a million.

“Upmost example of what a man does in that situation. Him and his wife have a bond that everyone should envy.”

The suspect later turned up; at the hospital in an attempt to get medical care for his wound, but was apprehended for his alleged involvement. Despite what seemed a targeted attack of Bun B the intruder was actually going on a robbing spree in Bun B’s gated community. He reportedly hit up several other homes.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary. Don’t try to rob a man from Texas! That state’s gun laws are looser than booty holes after eating day old curry. Rapped Out


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