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Bump Bump Bump : Raz B Arrested For Domestic Violence In Minneapolis! Allegedly Strangled His GirlFriend Kalle Brookes!

Kallee Brookes, Raz B

Raz B allegedly strangled his girlfriend early Wednesday morning while in Minneapolis on The Millennium Tour with group B2k. According to the Hennepin County jail the B2K singer was arrested for domestic assault by strangulation early, and the victim was allegedly Raz’s girlfriend Kalle Brookes! Cops say they took photos of her alleged injuries as evidence against Raz B.

Kalle Brookes has been on tour with Raz B, and has been helping him thru the rough times while on tour. Raz B can be seen holding her hand tightly while questioned about sexual abuse allegations he made about former manager Chris Stokes.

Raz is currently being held without bail despite his B2K has a performance scheduled for Wednesday night at the Target Center in Minneapolis!

The Millennium Tour has been rocky for Raz B so far, and he has voiced his concerns. At first he said he didn’t feel safe because his alleged childhood abuser/manger Chris Stokes was spotted around the tour. Raz also was pissed some girls stile his glasses while in Houston, Texas.

The tour’s got 10 more stops left , and last stop is in Las Vegas in May. Will he make it to Vegas? Rapped Out


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