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XXXtentacion’s Mom Tries To Stop XXX’s Baby Mom From Establishing Paternity& Obtaining The Late Rapper’s DNA!

xxxtentacion baby mama jenesis
xxxtentacion, jenesis sanchez

XXXtentacion‘s mom Cleopatra Bernard has asked the courts to deny her late son’s baby mother Jenesis Sanchez from being able to get his DNA, so she can establish paternity. Cleopatra wants the courts to dismiss Sanchez’s petition according to court document filled by Cleo last week. XXXtentacion and Jenesis were dating February 19 through June 18, 2018 , and living together up until the day of his death according to her.

Jenesis has petitioned the court to help her establish paternity, so that her son baby Gekyum Onfroy can be named in XXX’s estate. Sanchez is also asking the court to allow her to get a DNA sample to help prove her case. We aren’t sure as to why XXX’s mom does not want Gekyum to be added to his alleged father’s estate, but it probably has to do with money.

Sanchez gave birth to baby XXX in January, and Cleo seemed happy. She even shared the news online that she was expecting a grandson. Sanches is seeking the courts to order the Office of the Broward County Medical Examiner and Trauma Services to give her DNA samples of XXX to the scientific testing lab. Samples of the late rapper’s DNA have been kept on file during the ongoing murder investigation.

Jenesis has also been dragged into his murder trial due to 2 statements she gave to detectives. They prosecutor in XXX’s case says they have new evidence they plan on introducing . They have “supplemental discoveries” that the prosecutors intend on using against the alleged murders during trial. Jensis statements ultimately led to the suspects Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome arrests .


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