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Nipsey Hussle Memorial Was Shut Down Due To People Trying To Make Money Off Of It!

Nipsey Hussle Moments Before He Was Murdered By Eric Holder

Nipsey Hussle‘s memorial in front of The Marathon Clothing Store (where Nipsey Hussle was tragically shot and murdered by Eric Holder )was taken down last week due to people reportedly trying to monetize off of it. The makeshift parking lot memorial had tons a candles, pictures, balloons, and notes from Nipsey Hussle fans.

Outside of Nipsey Hussle Square formerly known as Crenshaw and Slauson where Nispey Hussle grew up, and owned multiple properties bootleggers were selling shirts with Nipsey’s face, hood tours around Crenshaw that start at $75, and some where charging fans just to walk thru the area where he was murdered. Food trucks had set up shop alongside the parking lot, and the memorial was always busy. Sources close to Nipsey’s family say they felt as though it was disrespectful, and want to honor him in other ways.

Nipsey has memorials throughout the world, and one in Connecticut was vandalized by a teenaged girl.Fans were outraged when they saw what she had done!

Lauren London Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend, and mother to his second child Kross shared a Instagram post yesterday in remembrance of her king.

To eliminate any other form of disrespect they family plans on honoring him thru his charity foundation, and we will keep you updated once they do so.

The marathon continues….. Rapped Out


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