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Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Black Sam Joins In The Fight For Custody Of Nipsey’s Daughter Emani!

Nipsey Hussle Blacc Sam
Nipsey Hussle and Black Sam

Nipsey Hussle‘s family is trying to hold the fort together, and as we previously reported Nipsey’s sister Samantha Smith filled for guardianship of her niece Emani Asghedom. Samiel Asghedom also known as Black Sam is Nipsey’s older brother , and has also filed a declaration in support of Samantha Smith obtaining guardianship of Nipsey’s 10-year-old daughter, Emani. According to court documents the Asghedom family thinks Chyna Hussle also known as Tanisha is not equipped to raise her.

Samantha and Emani Dior

Samantha also requested emergency guardianship from the courts, but the judge denied the request stating there was no urgent need. Chyna Hussle (who’s real name is Tanisha) and Nipsey shared joint custody, but Nipsey took care of Emani Dior on a daily basis. He spoke on how he would drop her off at school everyday, and make her recite what’s values were important in life!

If you take a glance at Tanisha’s Instagram she has many questionable pictures form old pictures of her selling “lean”, to other posts of a young Emani sticking up her middle finger, and the most shocking of Eric Holder (Nipsey’s killer) standing in her kitchen dating back to 2013!

Chyna Hussle, Nipsey’s Dad, and Emani

Chyna hasn’t spoken out about her upcoming custody case on May 14th. Nipsey’s sister Samantha even requested that the judge keep her custody request a secret for Emani’s mom. The judge declared that he would inform her despite concerns.

Keep the Hussle family in your prayers. Rapped Out


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