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Why Are Ppl Acting Like They Can’t Relate W/ Ayesha Curry Statements? She Responds To Critics Over Comments About Zero Male Attention Causing Some Insecurities !

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Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry thought she would be able to be open, and share her insecurities with Jada Pinkett Smith during her Red Table Interview. But the internet had of course had to criticize her for it. While sitting with her mother in law Sonya Curry, Willow Smith, and Sophia Richie the wife of baller Steph Curry admitted that the lack of male attention she gets effects her.

Steph Curry is one of the top players in the NBA, and is a champion! He has ladies throwing theirselves at him constantly while Ayesha (who is a mother of 3) feels invisible to the opposite sex. She claims she receives zero male attention other than her husband’s! When sharing the other ladies including Steph’s mother insist she does, and she simply doesn’t notice because she’s not looking.Jada could even relate and shared her story of still wanting to ensure that she “still had it”.

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Now how we interpreted her comments were that Ayesha’s confidence has taken a hit while being in the public eye because men tend to overlook her because she is Steph Curry’s wife. No one wants to feel unattractive , and while stagers hitting on a person isn’t the end all be all of confidence, it doesn’t hurt it either. Being with a spouse with fame, wealth, and media attention can’t be easy, but other don’t see it that way.

Many are saying men don’t show her attention because they respect Ayesha, and know she is married. But on the other hand women don’t respect Ayesha Curry, and blatantly hit on him in front of her. Her critics still over look her with their reasoning furthermore proving her right. Ayesha also talked about how she has to insert herself into cover stations that include her husband and other women due to his naturally friendly nature.

Many want to know why she even cares about attention from other men while married, as if married men don’t harbour the insecurities as well! We live in a vain society that puts so much emphasis on looks, and perception that it’s hard to avoid insecurities on a daily basis. It’s constantly in our faces. We open our phones and see someone showing off how they look, our co workers are discussing their future cosmetic surgeries, and people idolize couple’s calling them goals.

During the interview Sonya Curry and Sophia Richie talk about the struggle as bi-racial women in America. Ayesha says she didn’t notice any struggles until she moved from Canada to United States at age 14.

Watch the full interview below:

Let’s show Ayesha some love because there many others who feel the exact same way and that ok! Rapped Out


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