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Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Line Sells $1Million On It’s First Day!

Fashion Nova teamed up with Cardi B for another go around, and this time she managed to sell $1million worth of sales in one day! When Cardi first partnered with the fast fashion trendy brad her collection sold out within minutes. This time around Fashion Nova ( who are known for delayed shipping, and selling items that are sold out then refunding the money on a gift card) are barely keeping up with the demand despite stocking up with five times the amount of inventory.

This time around, I actually listened more to the people online,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “They said my last Fashion Nova collection was very conservative, which is like, ‘Wow, that’s so weird.’ Every single time that I show a little bit of skin people want to call me a ho. Then when I want to dress a little bit conservative, people like it.” Cardi B

She continued with a laugh saying, “This month it’s like, alright if y’all want to look like hoes, then I’m going to make y’all look like hoes, but still clean, pretty, classy and still able to go to brunch with it. That’s the goal, looking cute for brunch and then switching it up to the club.”

Cardi even was congratulated by Nasdaq in New York’s time square with a huge Billboard! Cardi took to the stage with LilNasX, YG, and Blueface. Master PYGRomeoLamar OdomNikki BellaSwaggy P and Jeremy Meeks all showed up to celebrate the launch. Cardi also took to Instagram to discuss how her performing is “messing up her lipo”, and the doctor ordered her not to perform.

Cardi B is still chasing the bag lips pain and all!

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