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Quilly High?!?! Maybe Not (Or Maybe Just A Lil…. Or Alot) !Is Quilly The Next To Blow Out Of Philly? Watch His New Vlog:Da Quilly Show!

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Quilly 2019

Quilly is the trending topic of Philadelphia, and we can’t deny it. He has the craft of annoying the sh*t out of people, and creating entertaining content. Currently Quilly’s buzz reemerged after he and Meek Mill exchanged words (well mainly Quilly was doing the most talking lol) over Quilly’s latest Instagram Live . Will Tonya‘s son be the next rapper to blow up out of Philadelphia? We’ll discuss that in a moment , but for Meek Mill to comment on Quilly it means something!

Recently PNB Rock said he was in the works of signing the Haines and Money rapper to Rock’s label New Lane Ent. Quilly recently went on a Instagram & Twitter rant about his manager Life, Meek Mill, his producer EA, and even his cousins.

Yeah everybody got aired out that day.

He even accused his manager of trying to hold him back from outgrowing his management team! During the rant he brought PNB Rock into it, and said Meek Mill tried to dim Rock’s shine in the “Dangerous” video. Read about it here.

As the self proclaimed G.O.A.T. of Philly would say his “merit” is up, so he gave us a behind the scenes look into how his studio sessions go. If you ever had the chance to meet Qupac you would know he acts the same on and off camera.

The nigga is crazy ,crazy!

The “Panicking” rapper has consistently built a buzz around his name, but in our opinion he lacks an actual brand to support. Despite Quilly’s antics he still has fans and supporters that defend his name against his nay sayers. His determination to be the most talked about rapper in Philadelphia out weighs the backlash and hate he receives daily! The city calls Quilly West “the bid” , but still checks for his music!

On the downside Quilly acts erratic at least once day from what we’ve recently seen online . The Haines Street rapper be on some ish , and it makes it hard for us to take him serious . From constantly having people trying his “merit”, his reckless talk, and getting into risky confrontations Quilly comes across as high. We mean higher than giraffe a$$ high, but when we think about it is he really high or just Quilly being Quilly?

Maybe he’s not high ( probably a little bit but, idk lol), but at this point honestly we even can’t tell !

Will this summer be his?

Maybe, as long as Quilly turns his focus around , and channels it into transitioning his controversial internet tirades it into a monetary payout. Quilly may be in the way, but we can’t deny that he has an impact on Philly culture. He isn’t disappearing off the scene anytime soon.

It’s a new era now (depending on who the public figure is) where the public allows artists take L after L, and still rise up into the limelight. All we can do is watch “Da Quilly Show”, and see.

Watch Quilly’s vlog below:

Rapped Out


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