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Nipsey Hussle Baby Mom Breaks Down In Court! Custody Hearing Postponed To Friday! See’s Her Daughter Alone For 1st Time In Months!

Tanisha aka Chyna Hussle arrived to court in hopes of maintaining guardianship of her daughter Emani Dior, who she shares with Nipsey Hussle. Samantha Smith, Nipsey’s little sister filled for sole guardianship of her niece, believes she can maintain a more suitable environment for Emani Asghedom!

Chyna Hussle reportedly broke down into tears during the custody hearing, and the judge ordered it be pushed back to Friday. After the hearing the court room was cleared out for 20 minutes, and the judge allowed Chyna to talk to Emani alone. Chyna hasn’t been able to spend time with her daughter Emani Dior, 10, alone in months. As you know Nipsey Hussle was tragically gunned down March 31, 2019.

Unfortunately Nipsey did not have a will set up, but despite that he and Chyna shared joint custody of their daughter Emani. Up until his death Nipsey took care of Emani on a daily basis. Hopefully the court rules in the best interest of Emani, and from what we hear her mother wants that as well.

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