100% Of Nipsey Hussle’s New Song “Higher”‘ On DJ Khaled Ft. John Legend Proceeds Will Go To Nipsey’s Kids!+ Watch The Video

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nipsey hussle, dj khaled

Days before Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death he recorded a video with DJ Khaled for their new track “Higher” featuring John Legend. The song is on DJ Khalid’s new album “Father of Ashad “drops today, and everyone is anticipating the “Higher” video.

DJ Khaled is donating 100% of the songs streaming platforms proceeds to Nipsey Hussle’s children Emani Dior, and Kross. Khaled and Nipsey were friends, and he announced how he contacted Nipsey’s family before releasing the song!

FYI, when this Nip/Khaled/John Legend joint drops.

1. EVERYBODY’S going to cry
2. It’s going to be song/video of the year
3. It’s going to win a Grammy next year.
4. EVERYBODY’S going to cry


— Letty (@Letty) May 8, 2019

Get the tissues, and watch below:

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