Joe Budden’s Alleged Side Chick Jazma Kendrick Sets The Record Straight About Their Late Night Walk On The Beach!

Jazma Kendrick, Joe Budden, Cyn Santana

Remember a couple weeks ago when we reported about Joe Budden‘s spilt from Cyn Santana, and how she moved out of their shared home! After Joe responded to the rumors of a spilt he was spotted by some Youtube vloggers on South Beach, Miami! Joe Budden and Jazma Kendrick were spotted taking a late night stroll. Jazma Kendrick who is a realtor/model set to social media to clear up the situation.

The model says she and Joe are good friends, and she used to date his cousin. Joe according to her was in Miami, and she was simply showing him around!

“No one was caught doing anything. I dated Joe’s cousin. We stopped talking but Joe and I remained friends. Platonic friends! Joe visited Miami with some friends and asked where they could go. I took them to a lounge. We all left together as a group, then went our separate ways. The end.”

Joe Budden’s baby mom seems to be moving forward, anf focused on their son. Follow Us Rapped Out


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