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Breaking News : Trey Songz Alleged Baby Mom Revealed!

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Trey Songz just revealed his new born son Noah, but his baby mother has been a secret, but we did our research and we think we found her. Brittney Jones, (the adult porn star that he played out) admitted to faking a pregnancy while he was in a “relationship” with Lori Harvey! Brittney admitted to uploading a fake ultra sound, and is actually currently pregnant by her “husband”!

Brittney Jones Confesses She Lied About Being Pregnant By Trey Songz T
Trey Songz Alleged Baby Mom

Trey Songz baby mother is allegedly Dave East‘s baby mom’s sister ( we know how ghetto that sounds), and her name is Caro! She a Spanish woman from New York, and her “friend ” leaked the pregnancy to the blogs awhile back! Understandably Trey wanted to keep her identity secret like his peers, but honestly it’s not that deep! We are going to see her some day, and it’s reports from hospital staff in NYC that spotted “Mr.Steal Your Girl” at the maternity ward with Caro after she went into labor!

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Noah’s Aunty Millie and Dave East

The pregnancy timeline shows that he had to be messing with Caro during his relationship with ex- girlfriend Lori Harvey! Lori doesn’t seemed to be bothered because she congratulated him under Noah’s picture!

Trey Songs alleged baby mom is focusing on baby Noah , and has deleted her Instagram account!

Trey Songz Baby Mom

Noah is a healthy and loved! Congrats Trigga! Follow Us Rapped Out


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