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Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mom Loses Custody Of Their Daughter Emani!+Leaves Courtroom Understandably Upset!

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Tanisha Foster and Emani Dior w/ Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mom Tanisha Foster ( also known as Chyna Hussle) has lost custody of her daughter she share with Nispey, Emani Asghedom! Samantha Smith, Nipsey’s young sister was rewarded custody after filling for emergency custody. The Asghedom family doesn’t believe Tanisha can provide a stable environment for Emani.

Earlier today a warrant for Tanisha’s arrest was issued after she missed a hearing regarding her probation stemming from a past D.U.I. charge. Today was Emani’s custody hearing, and Tanisha was seen by paparazzi leaving the court house. When asked her feelings about the judge’s final decision she said she was “pissed”, and avoided the rest of their question by replying “God Bless“.

Tanisha Foster’s lawyer says they are working out a visitation schedule with Samantha that works best for Emani’s best interest. Emani is 10 years old, and according to Tanisha she hasn’t seen Emani since March. During the first hearing the judge allowed 20 minutes for Tanisha and Emani to talk alone.

A second hearing has been scheduled for July. Follow us for more updates @RappedOut_


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