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Sallie Mae Ain’t Got Sh*t On Him: 50 Cent Says “Power” Co Star Rotimi Owes Him $300K!

50 Cent has basically went from rapper to loan shark / debt collector over the last year because he is making sure everyone who owes him money pays up! The latest victim is Power star Rotimi , and 50 aired him out in an Instagram video saying  

“My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank.”

Rotimi just dropped a song titled Walk With Me, and when he got wind that 50 cent was demanding his bread he quickly responded!

“I just bought a crib. I’m taking care of my family,” Rotimi said.

50 Cent is a producer on Power and this isn’t the first time his co workers on the show owed him money! Executive director Randall Emmentt owed 50 $1million buck, and the G Unit rapper got him to pay up as well. Seems like Rotimi and 50 are using this as free promo , but hey you never know!

Lets see what happens next! Rapped Out


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