Woman Attacks Her Spouse For Accidentally Washing Her Weed In The Washing Machine !

Ashley Perkins
Ashley Perkins

A Louisiana woman named Ashley Perkins was mad mad when her wife accidentally washed her weed with the laundry! So mad that Perkins beat her wife upside the head with a loose bedpost while visiting family in Florida!

Perkins allegedly struck her spouse with a detached bedpost after the wife accidentally washed her weed in the washing machine.
They describe it like this;

During an “altercation over missing marijuana,” Perkins allegedly struck her wife “several times with a detached bedpost about her legs, head, and left arm.”

Perkins reportedly first told police that her wife “rolled over” a loose bedpost during their confrontation but then alleged that the wife “picked up the bedpost and began beating herself,” instead, police said.

Ashley Perkins was charged with aggravated battery and spent two days in jail before being sprung on $25,000 bond.


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