6ix9ine Tekashi’s Alleged Kidnapper Charged!


6ix9ine Tekashi’s alleged kidnapper has been hit with racketeering, gun and narcotics charges! As previously reported 6ix9ine is currently sitting in jail over a slew of charges, and is singing like a bird.

Aljeremiah “Nuke” Mack, Nine Trey Blood member, was charged with racketeering, gun and narcotics ! Authorities say Mack worked with Anthony “Harv” Ellison (he was indicted last year over this incident ) to kidnap , and rob theTrey Way rapper last year. The two men allegedly stole $750,000 worth of jewelry and $20,000 in cash from Tekashi!

6ix9ine reported the incident in July 2018 , and told the authorities two men kidnapped him at gun point. He said the men forced him into a dark van, and attacked him in Brooklyn. Since then 6ix9ine has been arrested & charged with racketeering , attempted murder, and narcotics as well. 6ix9ine is currently cooperating with authorities.

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