City Girls Yung Miami Is Pregnant! Told You So!

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City Girls rapper Yung Miami is pregnant by her boyfriend/producer 808 South Side, and has broken the news via Instagram. As we previously reported 2 weeks ago via Instagram Yung Miami was raised eyebrows after performing in a fitted hot pink bod suit. Her stomach looked like one of a pregnant woman. We guess she wasn’t feeling our post because she blocked us! OOP!

Yung Miami has been single handedly carrying the City Girls while her partner JT serves time in jail. With JT’s release date set for next year many fans are questioning the fate of the “Act Up” group. Miami shared that she felt reluctant to share the news with fans due to the harsh criticisms of the social media. Either way a baby is a blessing , and we wish her the best.

Do you think she can continue to keep the show going?

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