God Got Us: Today’ Nipsey Hussle’s Birthday! Let’s Remember The Good Times!

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Happy Birthday Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle‘s birthday is today !Let’s share stories of times Nipsey made us reflect, smile, and admire him ! Lets start off with a story of how Rapped Out became familiar with the Crenshaw & Slauson entrepreneur/ rapper.

The Beginnings

While working at Batcave Studio in Philadelphia became familiar with Nipsey Hussle was after Gillie Da Kid aka Gillie Da King acted alongside of Nip and Ving Rhymes. Gillie would stop by the studio, and always would speak so highly of his new co worker! When Gill broke down the story of how Nipsey creating his own lane everyone was impressed . Nipsey was a successful a indie artist! After everyone got wind of his mixtapes selling for $1000 spectators thought he lost his mind! Then to hear people actually brought it was even more shocking!

That was Nipsey tho! Always thinking 5 times ahead of the game!

C -Walking Down Memory Lane

Our favorite memory of The Marathon Clothing store boss was when Hussle showed an aspiring rapper, and fan the upmost respect. Nipsey took the time out of his day to listen to his biggest fan rap named Izzy Da Don rap about how “God Got Me”! During the brief interaction Nipsey maintained a serious face, and listened to every word the fan free-styled. The Los Angeles born and raised rapper saw how important that moment was to his fan.

Rolling 60 O.G.Nipsey was always for the people!

Super fan Izzy Da Don unfortunately met his untimely death as well! During Izzy Da Don birthday celebration he was given bad drugs. He and another man unfortunately passed away .

May he rest in paradise

Ermias (which is Nipsey’s real name) means sent from God! God sent the world Nipsey to serve a purpose in many the lives of men, women, and children that lack direction. He inspired many to pursue their dreams through hard work and dedication. Fittingly “life is a marathon ” was Nipsey’s go to motto ! Therefore we should honor Ermias ” Nipsey Hussle” Asgehdom husband, father of 2, rapper, entrepreneur, and teacher by valuing each other and acknowledging our worth. Make sure to give your loved ones their roses while they are still here.

God Got Us Nipsey, and God Bless Your Family. We miss you!

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