Black Lives Matter Too: A$AP Rocky Found Guilty In Sweden Case! No Jail Time Required!

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A$AP Rocky

Pretty Boy Flacko will NOT be doing any jail time in Sweden luckily, but he was found guilty of assault. Thank god because with a name like that soap was bound to be dropped! A$ap Rocky was involved in an altercation with a two young men in Sweden after the men harassed Rocky and his team.

The Swedish courts found the rapper guilty, and sentenced him to 6-month suspended sentence. Fortunately he won’t have to serve any further jail time after spending more than 30 days locked down. Swedish prosecutors believed Rocky and his co-defendant attacked the teenage with glass bottles. Despite Rocky’s legal team aging self defense he was still found guilty.

It doesn’t matter to the Long Live A$ap rapper because according to him he is never returning to Sweden!

“The defendants have claimed that they acted in self-defense,” reads one part of the press release. “Based on statements from two witnesses, the court finds that the defendants were not subject to a current or imminent criminal attack. Therefore, they were not in a situation where they were entitled to use violence in self-defense. Nor could they have perceived themselves to be in such a situation.”

The courts ordered A$AP Rocky and his codefendant to pay the teen $1300 collateral damages, but the teen needed up getting less than he requested.

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