Did Quilly’s Meek Mill Slander Ruin His Chance To Be A Dream Chaser ? Which Philly Artist Should Meek Sign?

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Quilly Vs Meek ……..Nah Quilly Vs Quilly

Meek Mill recently announced that he is revamping his record label Dream Chasers with the help of his mentor Jay-Z! Dream Chasers was formerly housed under Rick Ross‘s Maybach Music Group. Since then it’s moved to Roc Nation. Resulting in an influx of fans wondering who Meek Mill will sign to his upcoming label.

Jay-Z is no stranger to the Philadelphia music scene, and with Meek’s influence Philly artist have a standing chance! If someone asked a Philadelphian who stood a chance they probably say Quilly! The Q-Pac rapper is not shy to controversy, and earlier this year went at Meek Mill ! Quilly started a one sided beef with the Championship rapper, but Meek didn’t seem to bothered!

Many Philly hip hop fans say Quilly is probably mad at himself right now after learning about the merger, but he was recently spotted with Lil Uzi in the studio. PNB Rock was allegedly supposed to sign the Haines & Money rapper as well. Only time will tell, but in our opinon Meek signing Quilly may be a profitable move.

With a guardian/ handler to watch over him, and a solid contract Quilly could be a good move on Dream Chasers. If Jeezy and Rick Ross can patch up their beef why cant Meek and Quilly Ruffin?

Who We Think Meek Mill Should Sign Next

China Bad Bitch Mafia

Another prime candidate for Meek to sign is China BBM from North Philadelphia. China is one of Philly’s most underrated artist, but she is one of Philly’s top influencers. She would definitely be a nice asset to the label, and would draw the attention of female listeners.

Sim Santana

Sim Santana is making waves on the Philly scene. The kids love the West Philadelphia rapper’s new hit “Flexing and Flashing” , and his video is at 6 million views. His flow is reminiscent of Don Q, and he helped bring the tactical vest trend to Philly.

Rocky Fake Bitches Hero

Rocky is Philadelphia’s top contender to get signed next, but we don’t think Dream Chasers should be the move! Her bars are heavy hitting, and her flow is classic Philly spittage, but she will be overshadowed by Meek comparisons. We’ve seen it happen with former Dream Chasers’ first lady Lee Mazin, and can fore see it with Rocky. A co- sign from Meek wouldn’t hurt tho!

Who do you think Meek Mill should sign to Dream Chasers?

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