A White Man Spit In His Black Girlfriend’s Face After Refusing To Play Her Slave Massa!

Somebody Call Al Sharpton…

A Black Florida woman got into an argument with her White boyfriend over a game called “Slaver & Slave“! Slaver & Slave is a role playing game that features a massa and slave! When the boyfriend refused to take part to the foolery they got into a heated argument! That’s when boyfriend Kenneth Atkins decided to spit in his girlfriend Ashley Edward’s face!

Something In The Water

This story is so bizarre ! Being though Florida it’s almost somewhat normal! Anywhere else we’d raise an eyebrow! To top it off sis had the audacity to call the cops!

Sis didn’t her essentially do what you asked him to do?

Ashley stated she wanted to play slave and slaver because she is African American and he is Caucasian,” according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office report. “Kenneth did not wish to partake and became verbally aggressive.”

As the fight went on , Atkins “spat in Ashley’s face,” police reported!

Bet they get back together tomorrow!

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