Gervonta Davis & Ari Fletcher Are Done! Gervonta’s Baby Mom & Ari Go At It!

Hood Love Is That Good Love….

Ari Fletcher had a few words for Gervonta Davis over social media days later after we announced over Instagram that the two were broken up! According to Ari aka the real kyle sister Gervonta came in the house 4am
“trying to fight” after she said on Instagram Live that her friend “has a good n*gga”.

Gervonta took to Twitter days prior to saying that they were single, and fans were in denial. Gervonta according to fans said he was hacked , and called Ari “Mrs. Davis”. Well that is not the case because Ari said Gervonta was a “mistake”, and while Gervonta was in Baltimore giving to his community his leading ladies were going at it.

Dretta, Gervonta’s baby mother seemingly always joins in on the social media antics when she sees her baby father’s relationships crumble. So of course Dretta had to throw her two cents into the mix! Ari caught wind of it, and that’s when the fish hit the fan.

You can catch up on the drama here:

It Was All Good A Week Ago…..

This is not the couples first time breaking up on social media, and we reported awhile ago that they were spilt. Ari went to Miami, and rumors were swirling that Ari was dating a Chicago Bull player, but things seemed back to schedule when Ari attended Gervonta’s fight again Nunez!

Ari was with Davis during his training, and played the role of a dotting wife helping him stay focused. Gervonta even took to social media to show his appreciation, and love his girl. Right after the fight things went back to normal, and Gervonta took done all social media posts of the two. He also told The Breakfast Club during an interview that he wanted his relationship to be stronger before having more kids!

After that Ari was pissed at Gervonta for being in a hotel room with Justin Combs and some random chicks! The two have been on and off for months, so maybe they can make it work again.

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