Jania Meshell Old Texts About NBA Young Boy & His Family Exposed By Fake Friend!

No New Friends

Jania Meshell, NBA Young Boy‘s baby mother to his newest son Kacey was put on blast by someone she once trusted. A former friend of the social media influencer leaked messages of Jania venting about her estranged baby father, his mother, and Kentrell’s other baby moms!

In the group chat text Jania talks about how she could make JadaYounging career take off, Young Boy’s baby mom Star & Monnique , and his mom Sherhonda Gaulden ( YB’s mom). These texts were from when she was pregnant, and endured much scrutiny. It’s sad Jania has to endure so much online drama when she has a child to raise.

Of course everyone had to put in their two cents, and assumed Sheronda was throwing subs at Jania. Despite the online speculation Sherhonda denied throwing social media shade towards her grandson’s mom!

The teen mom also talks about how hurt she is that Young Boy infected her with herpes, and how she can’t have a vaginal birth. She then goes on to say how Kentrell’s baby mom wants to be with him, and his mother wants the same.

Jania has since deleted her Instagram after apologizing to Young Boy, and his family. The whole situation is messed up!

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