Updated :Rihanna Is Allegedly Preggo & Married To Her Saudi Arabian Prince! Says She Is “Giving Birth To A Black Woman”!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

UPDATE Sources say TMZ mainly that she isn’t pregnant because she was sipping wine or champagne ,but our source says at this years Crop Over in Barbados she was covered up up! Usually she is half naked like the rest of the attendants ! Either way she still the goat!

Rihanna’s Diamond Ball was social media’s highlight of the night during New York Fashion week! What’s more interesting was Rih Rih’s new look!

Our favorite beauty/ music mogul appears to be sporting a baby bump, and actually said she is “giving birth to a black woman” during her interview with Essence magazine! The Bajan hottie has been in a two to three year relationship with Saudi Arabian billionaire prince Hassan Jameel.

The two have been jet setting the world, and that’s why we haven’t heard any new music as of yet! Music and touring takes a lot of time, and the mogul makes wayyyy more selling makeup and clothing to be bothered.

Beautifully Covered

Rih Rih gets more time with her bae, and we get stuck playing her old songs! The rumor on the streets in Rihanna and Hassan are married! Fans may or may not have noticed she has been dressing a lot more modest as of lately!

Jamal is of Islamic faith, and on top of it a prince of Saudi Arabia. Many Saudi people criticized him for dating her because in his country women can’t even drive. Saudi Arabia’s prince was spotted a while ago with Rihanna tongue kissing her in a swimming pool while she smoke a blunt, and he drank champagne.

All of those activities in Arabic / muslim culture is referred to as haram (sinful), and strictly prohibited. But when you are the prince and your money is long you get to do wtf you want!

We aren’t mad at him, and inshallah Rihanna and Hassan have a beautiful baby girl! Of course this is speculation and alleged , but remember who called it first!

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