Gervonta Davis Baby Mom Exposes Him For Cheating On Ari Fletcher With Masika Kalaysha !

Ride Or Die Chick

Dretta Star, Gervonta Davis baby mom let social media know she may think her baby father is a “dead beat”, but she still is out here doing his dirty work! Baltimore native Gervonta is out here playing a risky game with Love and Hip Hop star Masika Kaylaysha allegedly.

According to his baby mom she helped fly out Maskia from Baltimore to California. All to ensure his main chick Ariana Fletcher didn’t run into his alleged side piece! Gervonta was being honored by the Baltimore Ravens for all the work he does for his city. Dretta was also in town to help celebrate along with Davis daughter Gervonna. But when a non fan asked why she had to tag along with their daughter Dretta clapped back.

Holding It Down

Gervonta doesn’t seemed to be the least upset at his baby mom, and went on live to gloat. While on live he made sure to let us know (without saying a word) that Ariana Fletcher ain’t going no where ! Ari was in the shower while Gervonta went live, and she seemed pretty happy. Dretta says she and her baby father are in a good place (especially after he came to her defense online when a non fan called her ugly).

Masika also took to Instagram to take advantage of the free press, and promote her lip gloss & music. We will just have to wait, and see what happens with these four.

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