Antonio Brown Has Been Accused Of Sexual Deviancy ….Again!

Just A Big Ole Freak

Antonio Brown has been accused of doing something freaky and weird, again by an another woman. A unknown artist hit up Sports Illustrated to teller experience with the New England Patriots baller. Unlike the first alleged victim this woman chose to remain anonymous.

The woman say that Antonio Brown hired her to paint a mural on his house. Despite his flirtatious manner she took on the job, and brushed off his advances.

After arriving at his home, the woman at first thought nothing of Brown’s flirtations—an uncomfortable yet constant reality of her professional life—and she was thrilled by his willingness to share her work on social media; he even posted a live video showcasing her progress. “It was very exciting, to have this person interested in my work,” the woman says. “He acted like he trusted me and he let me do my thing.”

It Ain’t That Type Of Party

The woman says things went left when A.B. took his flirting to a new level when he came out bucky naked with a hand towel covering his junk allegedly.

On her second day, however, the atmosphere curdled. The artist says at one point she was in a kneeling position while painting and turned to find Brown behind her, naked, holding a small hand towel over his genitals. “He was flirty with me but I paid him no mind because I was there on business, plus, I had already seen him with multiple girls in the short time I was with him,” says the woman. “I was about 40% done on the second day, and I’m on my knees painting the bottom, and he walks up to me butt-ass naked, with a hand cloth covering his [penis] and starts having a conversation with me.” She took it as a clear sexual come-on. “Unfortunately, I’ve been tried [by men] a lot of times, so I just kept my cool and kept painting,” she says. “After that, it all ended abruptly.”

Brown’s lawyer released a public announcement via Twitter:

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