Is Gervonta Davis Really Creeping With His Ex Trina? Dretta Star’s Cousin Cusses Maskia Kalysha Out For Dissing Her

So I Creep…Allegedly

The rumors surrounding boxing champ Gervonta Davis are that he, and Trina are creeping around. Contrary to what his baby mom Dretta Star told everyone on Instagram yesterday night! Allegedly Masika Kalysha had to be whisked away with the help of Davis baby mom before Ariana Fletcher flew into town.

Dretta Star, spilled the tea on her baby frather (whom she says she is in a good place with ), and couldn’t care less. She says Ari isn’t “slow”, and knows exactly what’s going on. Well if she didn’t she knows now.

It’s a little confusing because according to Dretta Gervonta was a “dead beat” about a month ago!

It Wasn’t Me

We guess bye gones, are gones, and the two are co parenting just fine. Masika Kalysha took to Twitter to dispel any rumors that she was indeed there for the feather weight division undefeated champ Davis. Presumably Sika went on to insult Dretta’s facial features amongst other insults.

Riding For Mines

Dretta’s cousin Juicy Juice Box ( idk her actual name) came out the gate swinging. She went on to check Masika for speaking ill about her family! She told as Juicy Juice calls Masika “Hoesika” to chill, and with her wigs up!

Many fans that were in the Baltimore area are saying Trina was actually the Love & Hip Hop Star he has been tip toeing with! Fans are saying Masika was actually there to see Dreezy’s man Jaquees! People are saying Trina was the one in Baltimore creeping with Gervonta!

Ole Thang Back

Trina and Gervonta Davis dated back in 2017,and the romance was short lived. Davis denied he was seeing the Diamond Princess , but pictures of the two still linger. The two look quite happy as they cuddled up for the camera. The Florida native’s mother has just passed away, and we doubt Trina is here for the mess as she mourns her lost.

Mean while Ari can be heard in the shower while Gervonta went live, so whatever the situation the two seem to be fine. Ari has yet to go on social media to address the rumors.

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