Once You Go Black,You Want Pay Back: Michael Strahan’s Ex Wife Says Her $18k A Month In Child Support Ain’t Enough!

What More Do You Want From Me?

In “I wish I would’ve worn a condom” news Micheal Strahan’s ex wife Jean Muggli says the $15.3 million a year she gets isn’t enough! Mike and Jean have twin teen daughters that they are battling it out in court over. It all went down in a Manhattan court room , and is still currently ongoing.

Since the two split in 2006 Micheal Strahan has been getting to a bag or two after his retirement from the NFL. He currently has 6 known streams of entertainment money, and his ex is pocket watching all of them! From talk shows to more he is ensuring his kids are well off. But it’s not enough according to Jean.

It’s My Money & I Need It Now!

Jean’s legal team says she has “obligations” that Strahan is responsible for despite their divorce . Stahan sources say that Jean has tried this money move before in North Carolina where she and the girls live.

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