Tekashi 6ix9ine Sang Like A Bird In Court! He Even Snitched On Trippiest Red’s Gang Affiliation!

6ix9ine’s Mug Shot

Your Honor He Did It

Tekashi 6ix9ine got on the stand and made the authorities proud Tuesday evening. According to 6ix9ine he & the Trey Way Bloods had the formula for hip hop success while wreaking havoc on the streets.

According to the rainbow bandit his manager Shotti played as the rappers body guard as well. Tekashi went into detail about how Trippie Red was from another set of Bloods, and the two had beef. Details about how Trippie Red was followed for an hour, and beat up by 9ine’s goons were released as well.

Brooklyn rapper Cassanova‘s gang ties were even mentioned while 6ix9ine was on stand! Apparently 6ix9ine wanted rappers Seqo & Cassanova touched after he wrote a diss song about 6ix9ine!

Dang nobody in the industry is safe! Everybody is getting snitched on!

Prosecutors played his music in court for jurors , and asked him to break down the meaning behind the songs. His hit song Gummo was played, and Tekashi described it as a diss song.

I Just Wanna Go Home

Former Nine Trey Way Blood Member Daniel Hernandez describes his position in the gang was to continue making hits. Financially backing the gang was his primary objective, so they could purchase fire arms.

“just keep making hits and be the financial support for the gang … so they could buy guns and stuff like that.” – 6ix9ine

In return Daniel says he got  “My career. I got the street credibility. The videos, the music, the protection — all of the above.”

It was also revealed it only took him one day to decide to cooperate with authorities, and snitch. We’ll keep you updated as the trial moves along.

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