Tamar Braxton Shaded The Ish Out Of The Real Day Time Talk Show! She Came At Loni Love Necks! Loni Responds!

Who Wants Beef ?

Tamar Braxton hit up the Wendy Williams Show to chat with her industry friend. Of course Wendy Willams had to get messy! Gossip queen Wendy brought up the 3 year old beef between Tamar, and her former co workers. The daytime tv host even called the show “cute, and went on to comment hat it need Tamar back on.

That didn’t sit well with The Real host Loni Love, and sent her on a mini on air rant. Loni was pissed Wendy called the show “cute”, and reminded her they have a Emmy! Wendy doesn’t!


And I Oop

The hosts went on to talk about how they never spoke on the incident, but invited Tay Tay to have several seats on air. Well Ms. Braxton was not trying to hear it, and called them out. More specifically she came at Loni Love neck. Her reasoning being Loni was the one that requested she be fired! Supposedly Loni wrote a letter to the show officials while Tamar was sick, and damn near on her death bed! If you remember Tamar had a health scare while juggling Dancing With The Stars, and The Real.

Tamar posted an old video from when the drama first leaked. The video featured the former gossip vlog The Queen’s Court featuring TS Madison, and Khia. Those two even had their own drama since then, but TS Madison went in on Loni Love. She literally came at her neck!

Clap Back

Loni Love went to post under the former Tamar & Vince reality star’s post. The clap back was very bland, and as a comedian we would think she could come up with something better. But Loni is taking the high road.

We will just have to sit back and see what unfolds!

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