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Does Ari Fletcher Want G Herbo Back? Jokingly Says She Will “Ruin Taina William’s Life”! Plus Is Gervonta Davis Flying Girls Out?

Roll In Peace

Ariana Fletcher had an eventful day on social media as she clearly gave zero f*cks! Chiraq princes Ari went on to let her followers know she has her eyes on her baby father. According to Ari , G Herbo taught her how to roll a “blunt”!

When asked by a fan on Twitter if she would get back with her rapper baby father she said :

” Nah I’m going to give him another 2-3 years, let her get pregnant and ruin her life first”

Well Zamn!

The vixen then went on live to clear up her tweets and said she and her G Herbo are “besties” , and they could never be back together. This is after Taina Williams his current girlfriend( step daughter to rapper Fabolous & LAHH star Emily B’s daughter ) uploaded a IG story of her new California home!

As far as Taina and Ari the two have beef after Ari accused Herb of cheating on her with Taina! Emily B, Taina’s mom and Lil Wayne’s daughter jumped on social media to peak for the NYC stylist. Ari capped back like a AK-47 and thing s died down afterwards.

It’s All Good

Despite Ari and Herb having an very public assault case they seemed to have patched things up. According to our sources Ari dropped the simple battery charge made against them, and they are focusing on their son Yoshon.


G Herbo has yet to respond to all the social media comments, and we doubt his girlfriend Taina is either!

It Was All Good A Week Ago

Baltimore feather weight champ ( who blocked us on Instagram) Gervonta Davis seems to have moved on….again. Fresh off the love birds vacation in Turks and Caicos Ari & Tank have seemed to part ways. After the whole Masika Kalaysha rumors spread by Davis’s baby mom Dretta Star rumors are swirling of a spilt. Due to Gervonta’s Instagram posts fans believe they are over.

Gervonta is out here giving away Spirt Airline flights to chicks he likes according to the champ. Seems like this thing called love is a tricky situation when you young, rich, and getting it.

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