Eddie Murphy Reveals Sammy Davis Jr. Told Him The He Worshipped The Devil!

Say What?

Eddie Murphy hit up Jerry Seinfeld‘s new Netflix series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. While on the shoe the legendary comedians chopped it up abut Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Prince and more! But Eddie Murphy’s story about Sammy Davis Jr. stood out the most. Did you know Rat Pack Sammy Davis Jr. worshipped Shaitan (satan)?

“Sammy told me he worshipped the devil. We were in Dan Tanners and Sammy was like ‘You know Satan is as powerful as God.’ Then he saw my reaction to it so he sort of lightened up on it.”

Eddie Murphy kinds of does it off, but when you start digging up Davis’s past with Satanic worship it gets real!

Allah Knows Best

According to 2016 article from the San Fran Gate, “Sammy Davis Jr. was introduced to the Church of Satan at an orgy party! He later described as “dungeons and dragons and debauchery.” The Rat Pack member would also go on to try to bring the devil to the small screen in a tv pilot called “Poor Devil”. The tv show wasn’t pick up.

 The Church of Satan also awarded Sammy Davis the title of Warlock II, which may be akin to Angel Second Class. Smh.

According to a 2008 article on VICE, Sammy regularly took part in satanic orgies. Attendees would wear hoods as a naked woman chained son an alter in the center of the coven.

Davis is quoted as saying “That chick was happy,” he wrote, “and wasn’t really going to get anything sharper than a dildo stuck in her.”



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