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NBA Young Boy Sister Wives Drama: Money Yaya Links Up ! Did YB Dump Kayyl Marie? Plus Jania Has A New Boo?!?!

You Will Always Be My Boo

NBA Young Boy isn’t going to turn down a bag for nothing! The Never Broke Again rapper was spotted in his home studio recording with Yaya Mayweather. Over the past 6 months Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter has been trolling Instagram with pregnancy speculations. For some time now she has been dressing baggy, and took a long hiatus from the platform.

Once Kentrell aka Young Boy was released from prison , and put on house arrest it seemed as if Yaya was heart broken. The young socialite was riding for her ex boyfriend, and even showed up to his court hearing. It was apparent when YB got out that he was only interested in his current girlfriend Kayylmarie.

Ole Thang Back

Yaya even posted tweets about being led on, and seemed to be healing her broken heart. Well this weekend Yaya must’ve gave into temptation, and hit YB up for a feature. If you didn’t know the Never Broke EVER Money Yaya socialite is interested into becoming a rap star!

While Yaya and her ex bae were recording YB’s ex Kayylmarie was getting her hair done! The lip gloss maven posted this in her stories:

That’s That Ish I Don’t Like

According to fans Kay and the rapper have gone their separate ways. Now it was rumored that Kay was talking greasy about Young Boys’s kids, but it she had commented on Chief Keef‘s pictures in the past . Once fans had sent the screen shots of the comments his friends liked the post, and also posted that he was single.

Kay said it was a joke, and they were still together.

But YB did a q&a in live last month, and said he was indeed single! He also said he loved her enough to get married. Oh okay!?!

So are you feeling Money Yaya’s new song? Or you think this was just a excuse to see her ex lover?

Moving On

Jania Meshell seems to be all in love with a new boo. The mom and entrepreneur posted on Twitter :

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