Ari Fletcher Goes Off Over G Herbo Having Their Son Around Taina Williams! Says Herbo Allegedly Has Herpes!

Tough Love

Welp yesterday was G Herbo‘s birthday, and according to Ariana Fletcher it’s going to be more smoke than smoke blown out bday candles! According to Ari she’s pissed that the father of their son Yoshon violated their agreement. There is a video floating around of the Chiraq drill rapper dancing with Yoshon while Taina Williams looks on.

In the video Taina looks unimpressed with his antics, and Ari describes Tana’s face as screwed up. All this drama comes after videos of G Herbo crying during his birthday party. His new boo took him on a helicopter ride over New York, and brought him an iced out chain. The chain has his late grandmother’s face, and it brought G Herbo to tears.

According to Ari , Herb just got out of an drug program 2 weeks ago, and Taina is helloing him slide backwards. The social media vixen claims Taina also gifted him multiple rolled up cigars of weed. Last week Ari also said that her baby father taught her how to roll, and that she was landing on having more kids with him ( in hopes of running Taina’s life). The Pretty Little Thing spokeswoman claims she would never get back with Herb, and she said what she said!

The tea still hot because Ari claims the daughter of Emily B and step daughter of Fabolous also slept with G Herbo’s close friend! Ari calls Taina a “cum rag“! And that she dropped the assault charges n Herb, so he wouldn’t get locked up!

Atlanta sources of ours alledge that Ari and Herbo have been creeping for a while now. Allegedly Gervonta Davis, Aris ex boxer boyfriend found out, and they went their separate ways! Could Ariana Fletcher be mad about G Herbo and Taina Williams being together, or is G Herbo really allegedly “G Herpo“?


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