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Was Your Hot Girl Summer A Lil To Hot? Natural Yoni Care Is Becoming More Popular! Fait Mason Yoni Care Setting Natural Coochie Care Trends!

Is It Supposed To Smell Like This?

Douching and spraying Bath & Body works Sweet Pea on the coochie part of your leggings is a thing of the past! Because millennials are taking charge of maintaining their vagina health the natural way! No when our ladies at RappedOut.Com first heard of natural Yoni care they were skeptical.

Yoni Peals with pumpkin spice herbs and lowery seasoning type african balls that you insert into your cootie cat, and leave in for 24 hours? And V steams that you sit on like you’re cooking ox tails?

Hell to the NO!

But when Fait Mason introduced us to their 100% natural, safe & effective Yoni Pearls our attitudes (& our vaginas) changed….. for the better!

New Pussy, Who This?

The Yoni Pearls on are made up of organic ingredients proven to help detox your vagina. When a women has sex with a man his DNA, and organic chemistry lingers for months sometimes years. A man’s semen (condoms as well) can through of a woman natural PH balance. The man’s “scent” lingers on, and can make a girl smell funky. Also many cultures believe in soul ties that occur when having sex.

Soul ties are bonds created when a man and women have intercourse. It helps rationalize and explain why some women are stuck on no good men ( with shrimp d*cks), and they just can’t figure out why.

Yoni Pearl after results look like something out of an sci fi movie ! Once the pearl is taken out ( which is really easy) many women end up with a ton a crazy looking organic body matter. This matter was stuck inside of their uterus, and vagina and they didn’t know until they did the Fait Mason Detox!

And that’s considered reasonable!

So head over to FAITMASONLLC.Com & cop up! Tell them we sent you!

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