Does This Pic & Video Prove Money Yay Wasn’t Really Pregnant By NBA YB?

Rock A Bye Baby

Was Money Yaya trolling NBA Young Boy fans all this year or was she really pregnant? Over the course of the last six months

Yaya Mayweather has been hiding her stomach, and seemingly disappeared from social media. When she would post it would either be about KentrellYoung BoyGaulden or pregancny ish related post! When Yaya would come on to Instagram live she would wear baggy t shirts, and hide her stomach.

Congrats… It’s a Boy, Girl, Or a Burrito

NBA Young just relaseed his latest mixtape and on leaked songs he talks about how Yaya is the only chick that makes him “feel like he’s not basic“. The two were in the studio working on a song together after YB broke up with his ex girlfriend Kayyl Marie .

A couple days ago Yaya uploaded a pic of her self dated back from April 25, 2019 and in it she looks not so pregnant . We also have a video from a party of Yaya in Vegas where the daughter Floyd Mayweather dancing !

You be the judge! Do you think that she was pregnant or was trolling?

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