10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself!

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Here at RappedOut.Com we love to spill all types of exclusives, and if you share it, we will tell it! But we believe there are some things that you should keep private.

In Islam we are taught about the evil eye, and how revealing things to soon can actually block blessings. You don’t have to be Muslim or even believe in God to know that telling all your business, dreams, and goals may cause things to backfire.

So here are 10 things that you should keep to yourself in order to maintain a happy and successful life:

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Your Goals:

When we set goals in our mind we tend to become excited and optimistic, and want to tell others about our new come joy! Telling others our goals can led to people telling you to do so otherwise. Also studies show that when we get praises from other for setting goals our brains produce a chemical that gives of the satisfaction of if as we already completed it. So in turn we don’t work as hard to actually reach our goals.

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Good Deeds:

If you do a good deed you don’t need to take a picture or brag about it. The person or people you helped will appreciate it way more if you do it in confidence . Also if you feel the need to brag about doing a good deed, who did you do the deed for? Yourself or other?

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Bragging about your wealth helps no one! Try to reman humble, and remember that wealth can come and go. Remember not to brag about how much money you get. If someone tries to call your broke let them think you are broke. No one needs to know how much money is in your bank account.

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Family Troubles:

This only applies to non harming situations. Abuse, molestation, and anything that is harming please tell someone. But as far as family conflicts, arguments, and money problems try to keep them private. It devalues your family unit, as well as yourself. It’s fine to ask close friends for advice, but keep your info off social media.

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Personal Life :

Keep your personal life off social media. When your upset about others and see a meme that relates try not to post it.. Keeping your personal issues, relationship problems, and secrets to yourself. People who don’t over share their personal life are seen as sturdy, and classy individuals. When people can’t figure you out they tend to respect you more.

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Fears & Weakness:

If you have fears and weakness that affect you on a daily basis tell a therapist or religious leader, but don’t tell others. When mad friends, families, or spouses tend to use them against you. Some like to see you at your weak point, and enjoy when others are miserable. So get a diary and write your biggest fears in it, but don’t let everybody know.

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Past Regrets :

If you regret something that you’ve done in the past, and moved on from it the let it go! It’s over with, and you can’t go back to fix it. Just go forward with life trying not to make the same mistake. Learn a lesson from it , but don’t continue to tell people about it. It serves no purpose, and people reminding you about it won’t help you grow int he right direction.

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Personal Beliefs:

Try to keep your personal beliefs to a minimum when in conversation. Everyone believes in something, and sometimes it can be hard not to object due to our own personal believes. Don’t wast too much time trying to get people to believe in what you do. It’s okay to share some of your morals, but to a minimum.

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Other’s People’s Secrets

When someone tells you a secret keep them to yourself. Mind the business that pays you. If someone has confided in you with a secret you owe them the favor not to tell people their business. Unless someone tell you a life treating secret about themselves or someone else just shut tf up. Telling their business will ruin the trust they have in you.

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Your Talents, Who You Know & Past Achievements :

Telling others about your talents and past achievements isn’t a bad thing. But when you keep talking about them over and over again it comes off as self absorbed . Share what needs to be shared, but once someone knows leave it be. Also no one cares about who you know. If you know someone famous or popular please don’t go broadcasting it as a badge of honor.

Hopefully these pointers help you out. We aren’t saying don’t talk about anything, but just be mindful about what you say to others.

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