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2 Year Old Killed W/ Ak 47 Hours After A 11 Mth Old Was Shot In A Separate Incident!

What Happened To The Code ?

Philly has had another violent weekend resulting in the death of a 2year old toddler 24 hours apart from an separate incident of another shooting involving a 11 month old. Gunfire rang out around 3:30 p.m. Sunday inside a home along the 3300 block of North Water Street in North Philadelphia. Police say the gunman used a AK -47!

According to Philly police, the shooter opened fire on a home from outside, fatally hitting the 2 year old girl in the back of her head! Sadly the child died in her mother’s arms at the scene. Her mother was also shot on the side of her head, and once in her back. She is listed in stable condition.

Police say a 33 year-old man, who was a contractor inside the home, was also shot in the stomach. He is listed in critical condition at this time.

“No child should be murdered in their living room, it’s just terrible,” said Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter.

When Will It Stop?

The home was most certainly targeted , and it breaks our heart to know that they could care less that a child was in the home. It seems as if the day time is more dangerous than the night time now in Philadelphia!

According to the cops they have ballistic evidence that connects the shooting to another that occurred 5 minutes prior! Sounds like a possible pay check shooting!

Evelyn Torres , relative to the toddler and mother had this to say :

“(It’s) a lot right now, I can’t even process what’s happening,” she said.

This shooting occurred 24 hours after a 11 month old boy named Yaseem was shot in the head while sitting the car with his father’s “step mom”. According to the step mom she heard shots while driving down 7th and Hunting Park in Philadelphia . She didn’t realize the child was shot until she arrived to the father’s home on the 4900 block of Camac ,in the Logan !

The police say they haven’t had any reports of gunshots in the Hunting Park area, and are currently investigating. 11 month old Yaseem is currently fighting fo his life, and please pray for him and his family. He was shot 4 times, and once he recovers he will have a challenging life.

Think About Your Family & Others

When will the violence stop? Never, but please live your life right. Stay on a path of righteousness, and keep your actions pure. Our children are the first ones to suffer, and they don’t deserve to suffer because of us. Violence is never the action, and disrupting the peace of the world is not the way to go.

No arrests have been made in either shooting.

The mayor’s office is offering a $30,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in these cases.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police at 215-686-TIPS. Remember we are talking about children !

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